Old Mail

David Travis Gurney

From: David

My name is David Travis Gurney. I live in Cary, North Carolina but am a

transplant from Westchester County in New York. From what I can tell my

Gurney family line ccome originally from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and

Rhode Island. My email address is I also have a home

page on the Web which is currently under HEAVY construction... the address



Ken Gurney

I am Kenneth Walter GURNEY only son of Walter Alfred (born 82 years ago

today in Melb Australia) only son of Walter James of Cornwall (UK) and

Dorothy WOOD of Peckham (London) and I think the only son of Walter Arthur.


My grandfather and great grandfather came out from England together around

1910. Great grandpa was a railway signals engineer and his employer asked

him to come to Australia to help establish a new mechanical signals system

in Victoria. He agreed, provided he could bring his apprentice with him (my

grandfather). I am unaware of any very near relations living in Australia but I know we

have distant connections to a number of them. Elizabeth Fry was one of my

ancestors and I have a pair of very old books which document that line of

Gurneys for several centuries.

I am 53 years and have two sons Julian (28) and Christopher (22) and a

daughter Bridgette (25). Bid spent two years overseas recently and worked

for quite some time in London (nursing).


Katherine Gurney

I am in Kingston, Ontario


James Gurney

Chichester, W. Sussex

Some more details: I'm currently studying for a degree in Digital

Electronics at Kent University.

I actually noticed some time ago, when working at Goodwood racecourse

in W. Sussex, that there appears to be the name "Gurney" written in 6

ft. high white letters in the middle of one of the roads on the

Goodwood estate. I would be interested to find out why this is there,

if anyone knows. I assume it has something to do with "Dan Gurney" who

was a famous racing driver in 1967.



Christopher Mark Gurney

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Home - Burketon, Ontario

Web Page : "The Gurneyman Project"

Info : I am currently in my first year at the University of Waterloo,

studying Computer Science / Information Systems option.



Karen H. Gurney

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Other: I used to teach English, junior high school level (12-14 yrs. old), have worked in business, and now work at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix Arizona. I am an audio-visual technician there and do, among other things, computer graphics.

I have a quite a bit of family in this area and some Gurney cousins in

St. Louis. Most of our family are quite interested in genealogy. We know that

the first Gurney in our line to come to the US was from Colchester.



Ronald John Gurney

Tarleton Lancs.


Interests: History of the Gurney/De Gournay family


David Michael Gurney B.Sc.

I live in Amersham England

My Email is

I am a rescue helicopter pilot.


Sharon Elizabeth Gurney


Parents: Leonard Henry Gurney (deceased) and Margaret Viola (Dalrymple) Gurney(deceased)

Siblings: David James Gurney (Born 1950)

Geographical Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Born: January 10,1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada -

Occupation: Water Quality Specialist @ Manitoba Environment.